Nice View
by Ray Ferretti

My debut CD released November 2009 on the Vectordisc label.


Ray Ferretti (Guitar, Bass, Keyboards & Drum loops)
Ron Thomas (Piano, Electric Piano & Synths)
Rich Burton (Keyboards)
Jonas Aras (Piano)
Devan Andre (Flute)

Track listing:
Track 1 Meet My Mind
Track 2 Hive Got It
Track 3 Slow Day
Track 4 Something Beautiful Something Not
Track 5 Not Shore
Track 6 Nice View
Track 7 Sonik Funk
Track 8 Confused and Alert
Track 9 Husband and Wife
Track 10 On and On
Track 11 One Way Out
Track 12 Seven Heaven
Track 13 Eye Don't Know
Track 14 Song for Elizabeth
Track 15 Kinda Blue Too (jam)
Track 16 Just Kidding

by Bobby Rose and Ron Thomas
Bobby Rose (guitar)
Ron Thomas (electric keyboard)

Ray Ferretti (recording engineer tracks 1-5)
Music Under the Influence
by Rich Burton
Kristin Garson (electric violin)
Rich Burton (organ & bass)
Ron Thomas (organ & synth solo)
Ray Ferretti (guitar)
Glenn Ferracone (drums)
  Girl in the Machine (mp3)
Unreleased home recordings

Rain Driving

Home recording       MP3, hi-fi (7.65 MB)       MP3, lo-fi (3.06 MB)

This tune was inspired by some spirited driving on some back roads in a light rain until the heavy rain kicked in.

Pullet Preference

Home recording       MP3, hi-fi (4.24 MB)       MP3, lo-fi (2.99 MB)

This tune was inspired by Steve Morse.

Take a Trip

Home recording       MP3, hi-fi (5.52 MB)       MP3, lo-fi (3.08 MB)

A journey through different musical realms. Bucket Up!

Bass Fishing

Home recording       MP3, hi-fi (4.13 MB)       MP3, lo-fi (2.49 MB)

Just picked up a new bass and was fishing around for something to record. Well, bass was not biting so I just came up with this and started developing it.

Abel Mizriam

Home recording       MP3, hi-fi (4.81 MB)       MP3, lo-fi (2.62 MB)

I came across the words "Abel Mizriam" in the Bible and thought that would be a good title for a song. After finding out that it means "Mourning of Egypt", I wondered what notes are in the Egyptian Scale. I found the scale in Repository of Scales and Melodic Patterns by Yusef A. Lateef.

My buddy Chuck provided some nice musical direction and thythm guitar crunch, my wife added the chirping bird and I play all other instruments.

Cell It

Home recording       MP3, hi-fi (5.83 MB)       MP3, lo-fi (2.97 MB)

I finally purchaed my first cell phone and man was the kid tring to sell me every option under the sun. The night before I just purchased my first fender stratocaster, so why not write a song about my new cell phone using my new guitar.
Unreleased Tunes from the Burton/Ferretti Sessions l990/1991
  MP3, hi-fi (10.9 MB)   MP3, lo-fi (6.27 MB)
  MP3, hi-fi (7.55 MB)   MP3, lo-fi (4.83 MB)
  MP3, hi-fi (11.4 MB)   MP3, lo-fi (6.65 MB)
Why Not?
  MP3, hi-fi (9.06 MB)   MP3, lo-fi (5.28 MB)
October Dreams
  MP3, hi-fi (9.27 MB)   MP3, lo-fi (5.34 MB)
Ellen's Song
  MP3, hi-fi (8.27 MB)   MP3, lo-fi (5.08 MB)